Move That Body!

Ok so I am breaking with my traditional blog of deep, thought provoking and inspiring stuff to write about another subject I am passionate about~ exercise! Now I am not talking about going to The Gym or some fashionable fitness place with supermodels where you need to be in shape before you go there to work out in order to feel comfortable being there. You don’t need a personal trainer named Sven to help shape your chiseled frame, you just need to move your body.

The human body it made up of approximately 60% water. What happens to water in a pond if there is no movement or inflow of fresh water? That’s right, it stinks. It can become rancid, diseased and full of green gunk. What do you suppose happens to the water in your body if you don’t stir those waters or keep a fresh supply of pure water flowing in and toxic waters exiting? Hold this thought in your mind as we discuss exercise.

Simply put, exercise helps to stir your body’s water by moving. By drinking plenty of fresh water (about 8 8 oz glasses a day) and moving your body intentionally for about 30 minutes 4 days a week, you will begin to reap immediate benefits.  Stirring your water is not only energizing and improves appearance, there is also that sweet feeling of “well-being” that comes from knowing you are doing yourself some real good. Notice what happened at Bethesda’s pool whenever the water was stirred, people were healed of diseases. So be an angel to your body and stir those waters!

What kind of movement are we talking about here? This is where you can be creative.  Do what you enjoy! Move it like Jagger if you want or like me when I dance, which is a bit more awkward. Put some of your favorite music on your Spotify, close your curtains if you want and bust out all your favorite moves. Get your heart beating faster and do it until you sweat! If the thought of dancing makes you feel that your next move may be to your chiropractor’s table, then try walking. Even if it is a slow walk, if you are getting back into being fit, the point is~ move that body!

For me, I am obsessed with running. Now I realize I may lose some people here. Running is an acquired taste and is not for everyone, especially if you are not use to it.  Running, is one of the best ways, in my opinion, of keeping in shape.  I learned how to do it at a very young age and have been doing it ever since which is a very long time. Its great for cardio (heart health), muscle tone and effectively relieves stress.  I absolutely love running the trails in the mountains and along the Sacramento RIver here in Redding. The scenic beauty enhances the total experience and therapy of running.

I would like to add one other thought about exercise which is the three-fold goal of: Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength development. Endurance in the body’s systems can be developed by walking, dancing, Zumba, running, etc; anything that gets the heart beating faster.  Stretching and yoga help to promote flexiblitly and resistance training with weights and isometrics help to develope your muscle strength.

Exercise can add more years to your life and definitely put more life in your years. But keep it simple! Especially if you’re just beginning to be intentional about working out. Beginning an exercise lifestyle does not have to be complicated just remember to Move That Body!Image

Self Improvement & The Next Big Thing!

We are bombarded with advertisments and suggestions on how to improve our lives. We can choose from a virtual smorgasbord of Infomercials, Holistic Institutes, Self-Help Books & Audiobooks, Motivational Speakers, Websites, Seminars, Personal Coaching, Online education, Weight Loss and Stress Management Programs all promising a new and improved You! Americans are spending somewhere around 11 billion bucks a year to upgrade Self.

I sometimes notice feelings of agitation when I am around super cool people I perceive to be a few links further along the Evolutionary chain of Self Improvement. My heart beats faster, chemicals secreted into my blood stream create anxious feelings and tightening of muscles. My mind quickly scans the situation and sends the message into my consciousness, “You are not as far along as you SHOULD BE~ Improvement Needed!!” Do you ever find yourself feeling annoyed with people who are going after their dreams and who assume you are going after their dreams too? Does it bother you when you feel like a role player on the stage of other people’s lives?

But where is this all coming from? This universal yearning must come from an awareness that we were meant for more than what we are now.  “What are mere mortals that you should think of us, mere humans that you should care for us? For you made us only a little lower than God (in His image), and you crowned us with glory and honor.”  (See Psalm 8) We WERE meant for more. My heart knows this. I grew up hearing about Original Sin in “The Fall of Man” but never did I hear about our Original Glory. Glory was before the fall and certainly is somewhere encoded in our DNA.

Maybe we were born with some sort of amnesia, like Jason Bourne of the film,  The Bourne Identityand our life story unfolds like one searching for his true identity. If we really were meant for More, then this struggle makes more sense. This need to improve is innate and like a seed, it is designed to produce something glorious. This desire is trying to lead us somewhere like a migrating bird with an internal GPS, because there is a somewhere to Be.  There will always be  a Next Big Thing on the market for Self Improvement but there will be no peace until we find ourselves at home in the Presence of Glory Himself.