Missing the Miraculous​ within the Mundane


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My mother would often admonish me to pause in my busy moments to “smell the roses.” She knew the petals of the rose, like a moment missed, will soon fall to the ground.   Continue reading


Piercing the Darkness


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The flickering light cuts through the thick darkness without apology. All the darkness in a room cannot extinguish the influence of even the smallest flame. Continue reading

A Slippery Slope

So, here we are sitting at the edge of this slippery slope into moral morass. Pondering where the latest “supreme” Court ruling will lead us as a nation. I don’t need to be “right” nor definitely do I want to be “left.” I just want freedom. I don’t want to just FEEL good about myself, I actually want to BECOME good. And I want love to fill my heart for ALL humans. (so help me God)

For me, it doesn’t come down to SEXUAL orientation, but HEART orientation. I long to see people set free. From sin, emotional bondage, pain & oppression of any kind. It still is about JESUS & what HE is offering. This isn’t about RELIGION or RULE keeping or about being RIGHT, its about RELATIONSHIP… with God. (if that matters)

To discover what it means to be TRULY HUMAN & ALIVE, the only one we can turn to is GOD. OUR NEED TO BE LOVED & VALUED is placed within us by God & ultimately can be fulfilled only by Him. (insert humanist argument here- when God isn’t a part of our lives, we tend to believe we ARE god. (hows that working for you?)

NOT ALL FREE ACTS LEAD TO FREEDOM. The choices you freely make may cost you a life of genuine freedom. This is why the Bible talks about the human experience in terms of being slaves to sin. Sin creates the illusion of freedom; it fools us into seeking freedom FROM God rather than finding freedom IN God.

While we continue to striimagesve to fill ourselves yet we remain empty, Jesus emptied Himself & lived fully. Jesus invites us into FREEDOM. The road He walked was not an easy one nor was it slippery. Rather than safety & comfort, He promises adventure & risk. He offers the way to true greatness. He promises that if we will follow Him, we will become like Him at journey’s end. YOU CANNOT FOLLOW JESUS & REMAIN THE SAME.

The journey itself will change you forever—not only your priorities but your passions. Our hearts crave the FREEDOM OF PLEASURE and the PLEASURE OF FREEDOM. What often eludes us is that the two are not the same.